Publications 2016

Articles in Journals

  1. V.L. Yanchukovsky, V.G. Grigoryev, G.F. Krymsky, V.S. Kuzmenko and A.D. Molchanov. Receiving vecrors of muon telescope of cosmic ray station Novosibirsk. // Solar-Terrestrial Physics, V.2, No.1, P.103–119, 2016.

Conference proceedings

  1. P. Gololobov, V. Grigoryev, S. Starodubtsev, S. Taneev and G. Krymsky. The event of ground level enhancement of solar cosmic rays on October 28, 2003: the spectrum in a wide energy range // Proceedings of Science, PoS(ICRC2015)075, 2016.
  2. V. Grigoryev, S. Starodubtsev and P. Gololobov. Dynamics of zonal components of the cosmic ray distribution during geomagnetic storms // Proceedings of Science, PoS(ICRC2015)076, 2016.
  3. P. Gololobov, V. Grigoryev, G. Krymsky, S. Gerasimova and P. Krivoshapkin. Investigation of short-term disturbances of the solar wind using a tensor anisotropy method // Proceedings of Science, PoS(ICRC2015)077, 2016.
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