1947 – organization of the first Soviet cosmic ray station of Yakutsk research base of the USSR Academy of Sciences

1949 – for the first time the ground-level cosmic ray enhancement (GLE 04) was registered on November, 19 at theYakutsk

1949-1950 – test , adjustment, putting into operation of the ionization chamber C-2 at the Yakutsk cosmic ray station

1952 – foundation of the cosmic ray laboratory of Yakutsk branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences

1953 – starting of the ASK-1 apparatus into continuous operation

1954 – creation of the complex of ground and underground arrays i.e. cross -mesonic counter telescopes in Yakutsk

1957 – creation of the cosmic ray station equipped with the apparatus ASK-2 in Tixie

1957 – large experimental complex for studying of cosmic rays i.e. the neutron monitor was put into operation

1962 – cosmic ray variation laboratory was organized

1966 - neutron supermonitor was put into operation at the Tixie for the first time in the USSR

1968– department of cosmic ray station network of Siberia and Far East was organized

1986 – high-energy cosmic ray laboratory was organized

2004 – organization of the spectrograph in a new place (Pokrovsky trakt , 5 km, Yakutsk)

2009 – creation of the Yakutsk cosmic ray spectrograph at levels 0,7, 20 and 40 m w.e. was over

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