High Energy Cosmic Ray Laboratory

The high energy cosmic ray laboratory was organized on the basis of cosmic ray variation laboratory and department of cosmic ray station network of Siberia and Far East on July 21, 1986.

Heads of laboratory:

1986 - 1988  A.I. Kuzmin
1988 - 1991 I.A.Transky
1991 - 1995 V.G. Grigoryev
1995 - 2005 P.A. Krivoshapkin
2005 - 2015 S.A. Starodubtsev
2015 - present V.G. Grigoryev

The high energy cosmic ray laboratory engages in research in the following areas:

  • structure and dynamics of the heliosphere;

  • cosmic ray modulation by the solar wind;

  • research of solar cosmic ray nature;

The laboratory measures the intensity of galactic and solar cosmic rays with the 18-NM-64 neutron monitor at the polar geophysical observatory of Tixie and A.I.Kuzmin cosmic ray spectrograph at Yakutsk.

The spectrograph allows the study of cosmic ray intensity variations in the energy range from 2 to 300 GeV.

The spectrograph has the following characteristics:station3

  • geographic latitude – 61059’N

  • geographic longitude – 129041'E

  • height above sea-level- 94,8 m

  • geomagnetic cutoff threshold: 1,65 GV

The spectrograph includes the following parts:

  • the 24-NM-64 neutron monitor with gas-discharge SNM-15 counters;

  • the ASK-1 ionization chamber;

  • four muon telescopes of one type located on the ground surface and in the shaft at levels 7, 20 and 40 m w.e. and allowing the registration of particles from 5 directions: the vertical, 30 and 60 degrees to the north and south of it.

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